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Your issue or dispute may not come within a defined legal field but could be a non-legal matter. However,
this issue or dispute could progress to a legal problem if it is not correctly addressed by you and the other
party. You can still seek support and advice to help you resolve your issue or dispute to prevent it from
escalating and causing you more difficulty.

Where we can help...

Debt Advice

Debt advice is provided by a range of engaging and supportive charities and agencies to fully understand the debt that you owe, which are most pressing and to then provide you with a structured plan to make the necessary payments, as well as lifestyle adjustments to enable you to satisfy your debts. These services are usually provided free of charge and you may be eligible for legal aid to financially support you in paying for professional advice. 

Careers Advice

Career advice is provided by a range of engaging and supportive charities, agencies and other organisation to fully understand your skills and needs in the workplace to match you with appropriate employment opportunities. Advice and support are usually provided by these service providers to equip you with a professional CV, identify different employment and training opportunities, as well as conducting interview roleplaying. 

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims are where policyholders are seeking to be compensated for a loss incurred or harm caused that has been insured against within a policy of insurance. Making a claim against an insurance provider is a formal process which must comply with the terms of the policy agreement between yourself as the policyholder, the insurance provider and any other party to the agreement. 

Business Advice

Business advice is usually provided to owners and managers of businesses to support them in making important business decisions by providing insight into various experiences in similar circumstances. This advice can be provided by a range of organisations and institutions, including charities, trade unions, associations, and alike to enable you to sustain and grow your business. 

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance comes in a variety of forms and packages, some will be legal requirements depending on your business environment or position, as well as other potential liability risks. For example, Employers' Liability Insurance is a legal requirement under certain circumstances, however, other insurance policies may not be. 

You should note, there can be an increased risk of liability if you do not have certain commercial insurance policies and you or your business could be subject to financial penalties if you are operating a business without such insurance policies. 

Customer Service Complaint

A customer service compliant is usually a frustrating time where you have not received the service or support expected of a goods or services provider. You may have raised a query, issue or raised a dispute with a goods or services provider that has not been handled appropriately, if at all. 

Almost all goods and services providers are subject to legal requirements when selling goods or services to businesses and consumers, they may be a party to a voluntary code of conduct, practice, or complaints process. Some goods and services providers may also be subject to strict regulatory compliance requirements when complaints are raised by customers or clients. 

Court Etiquette

Court etiquette is the traditional and conventional forms that accompany court proceedings to establish core principles of formality, standards, and respect between all parties throughout its course. This can include the way you address a member of the court like a judge, what you wear to a court hearing, or what terminology is commonly used during proceedings. 


Lega representation is usually provided by a qualified lawyer or legal professional acting on your behalf per your instructions. Should you be seeking legal representation for a formal tribunal or court hearing there may be restrictions on what type of lawyer or legal professional can represent you or advocate for you. 

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